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Foto fra et kunstner opphold på Island i 2010. Bildene ble senere presentert på en utstilling i Michigan, USA.
Photograpic images from a artist in residency at Island in 2010. These images was later on presented at an exhibition in a gallery in Michigan, USA. 
From the catalogue text - Island: The feeling of being on an island in
 the middle of a wast ocean - I
 found my artistic pieces at a small
 beach. The white ash from the
 Eyafjallajøkull was still present 
in the black sand - and the tide 
was playing and making drawings
 within the sand. The tiny, fragile
 lines reminds me of the fact that
 natures destructive forces also
 creates esthetically beautiful 
marks based on the same physical occurrence, beauty and dangerous destruction at the same time. As an artist I consider
 myself a bit like an alchemist -
observing the transformational process
 in nature while at the same time trying to catch 
the impressions into something visual 
that has elements of suprise and



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