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Nature is my source of inspiration – like many artists before me. My working process could be like that of a scientific process, but as an examination through an artistic approach. I work with a kind of system that contain several single formats put together to form a larger drawing. The drawings contains a large number of copies of the same photograpic image which is interpreted through drawing. The modules  are a photographic image taken from a tree – in one– is the bark, in another it is  the roots and the third composition is based on forms that grows out of the surface of the tree. The photograpic image is transfered via a risograph onto a surface that is suitable for drawing. The visual intrepretation happens in the organic structure, in the  space between, in the rythms and in the lines. The drawing process is like drawing in pixels – while each  module is a A3 format. Throughout the prosess the drawings are composisioned, arranged and rearranged, with the intention to form a new image still unknown and unseen -  while some of the underlying and known image is still visible like fragments and fractals of the wholeness. The size of 2 of the images are 164 x 236cm and 195 x 162cm. The third one has a looser composition where the empty space also play a role.

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